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Solar hot water systems can be a great investment as the systems get most of their energy directly from the sun. 


Making them a great cost saver on power in the long term.

Some other benefits of installing solar hot water in Darwin are:

  • Free energy from the sun

  • Avoid rising energy costs

  • 90% saving on water heating bills

  • Pay less up front to install with Government rebates (ask us how & what's available)

  • Reliable hot water all year round

  • Decreased household carbon footprint

  • Increased property value

Darwin solar hot water installations and

How do Solar Hot Water Systems work?

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Solar hot water systems use solar panels to absorb thermal heat from the sun, heating water in the hot water units storage tank.


It’s solar panels are installed on the roof for maximum exposure to direct sunlight.


Some days the system will provide more free energy than others, with the whole system generally providing 50 to 90 percent of energy needed to heat water to be used throughout the home in its storage tank.


Because the system may not get the energy it needs during a long period of cloud cover, solar systems also come with either an electric or gas booster.


This enables the hot water system to revert to using gas or electric power to heat water for use when days are overcast or rainy and the system cannot get the energy it needs directly from the sun.

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Solar Hot Water Payment Plans over 18 months

We offer $0 deposit, interest free* plans over 1 and a half years.


You can install a solar hot water system now and pay nothing upfront. 

Find out today if you're eligible and how to apply on our Interest Free* Payment Plan page. You'll also find a link to a repayment calculator to work out your estimated repayments after you get a quote from us.

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Solar Hot Water systems have a lot of benefits

Typically for a household, heating water can account for approximately 30% of it’s total household energy and greenhouse emissions.


As well as enjoying free energy from the sun, you will also protect yourself from the rising costs of energy.


Installing hot water could save you up to 90% of your water heating bills and with government rebates available, there has never been a better time to upgrade to solar hot water or replace with more efficient unit.

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How to choose the right Solar Hot Water system for your needs

Pett Plumbing and Gas install a wide range of solar hot water systems from a range of credible suppliers.


As every Darwin household is made up of different requirements and people living under the same roof, it’s important to choose the right water heating system for your needs.


There are a range of factors that come into play when choosing the most effective and energy efficient system. 


To discuss your solar hot water heating needs, contact one of our friendly team today.

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