Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Gas Inspection Reports

All backed by our Labour Guarantee, always

Our Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Gas Inspections are accurate, informative and prompt.

Inspections are carried out by our team of licensed Darwin plumbers and gas-fitters.


Our team are fully qualified, knowledgeable and insured. We identify and comment on all visible plumbing issues and can provide you with a quote to negotiate further on price during the sales process.

With an average of 2 - 3 plumbing issues identified in our pre-purchase inspection reports, it's worthwhile having one completed when purchasing a home.

Would you purchase a car without looking under the bonnet?

The same applies to purchasing homes. Especially when one of the most fundamental areas of a home is it's plumbing system.


A house without a fully functional plumbing system would be costly to repair. That's why it is important to have a thorough inspection, carried out by a licensed plumber and gas-fitter before committing to purchasing a home.

What's included

There are three components to our Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Gas Inspections:

  • Inspection of files and certificates for the property held by the Government. We just need approval from the property seller (which we will arrange on your behalf)

  • We arrange access to visit the property for a thorough visual inspection. This is arranged by us with the current owner or selling agent.

  • Detailed and prompt written report including recommendations, sent straight to you


Dive a little deeper than our standard inspection with these recommended add-ons.


They're not essential but will give a better insight into plumbing that is not visible. These services are at an additional cost.

  • CCTV camera inspection of sewer pipes (access permitting) to check for breaks and potential blockages

  • CCTV camera inspection of storm water drain to check pipes for correct fall, breaks and potential blockages

  • Water pressure test to check that the water is at the recommended pressure to all fixtures