Why your hot water system might be conking out

Chances are you’re reading this article because your hot water system isn’t treating you like it used to.

It might cut out briefly in the shower or even at the kitchen sink. It’s possibly happened enough times to hit a nerve and have you wondering in anticipation, what’s involved in getting it repaired.

Just like any other appliance, unfortunately hot water systems don’t last forever.

Parts fail one by one

Hot water systems need maintenance, just like your airconditioner or roof gutters.

The first obvious cause of a water heater conking out is a failing thermostat.

This part is a long piece of wire that wraps around the heat exchanger at the very top of your hot water system.

This wire communicates the overall temperature between the heat exchanger and the central processing unit. When it works correctly it also protects the heat exchanger from over heating.

When a thermostat stops working it sends the wrong messages to the central processing unit, usually telling the processing unit incorrectly that it is too hot. This can cut the unit out suddenly for a few seconds or cut the hot water off completely.

Good news is, is that the part can be replaced.

But as the only way to replace the part is to dismantle the whole hot water system and put it all back together. People more often than not, opt for a whole new water system install because the costs end up being similar, with the labour time involved with carefully pulling the unit apart and putting it back together again.

Not to then mention the risk of another part then going within the unit, because – well – all parts of the hot water systems are the same age and perishing at the same rate.

If you’re having troubles with your hot water system or think your unit is conking out, our team of plumbers in Darwin and Adelaide are available to discuss any of your hot water concerns.

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