When it's time to Replace your Hot Water System

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Nobody wants to wake up to a cold shower, unless you are in Darwin and you long for a cool shower on a muggy build up morning. But in places like Adelaide, hot water is a must for most families in the morning.

When your hot water system works fine it doesn’t cross your mind. But as soon as they stop working or start playing up, it can be frustrating and stressful.

There’s no doubt that the hot water system plays one of the biggest roles in a house. What some people forget though, is that it is good practice to regularly maintain hot water systems to ensure they work efficiently. Maintenance also prevents repairs catching you completely off guard and getting more life out of your system.

It’s hard to know when exactly your unit needs replacing. Often people leave replacements to the last minute and to when they stop working. This usually involves their tank splitting due to age, flooding their house and causing other damages.

A hot water service split can be very shocking. Hot water leaks that occur over a weekend can also incur higher rates, so it's important to keep an eye on a few tell tale signs that your hot water unit is due for replacement or repair before things turn major.

There are a few important signs you can look out for, to know when your hot water system needs servicing, fixing or even replacing.

You have no hot water / hot water is unpredictable

Experiencing issues like no hot water, it running out too quickly or hot water not regenerating fast enough can be concerning. It is often an indication that your hot water unit needs servicing or even upgrading.

Sometimes it can also be an indication of an electrical fault or even just a simple and quick replaceable part on the unit.

It makes strange sounds

A hot water system that is making a lot of noise can be the first tell tale sign that things are going down hill and it’s on it’s way out.

Especially if the sounds are popping, cracking or banging. If this is occurring it’s likely your hot water systems needs urgent attention by us, Pett Plumbing and Gas or any other licensed Darwin or Adelaide plumber.

Hissing or sizzling sounds may also be a sign that you have a faulty relief valve and the valve is due for replacement.

Signs of rust on the hot water system

Signs of rust or sludge build up appearing where you can see them, can be a sign of water escaping and a possible leak.

You can try tightening the fittings yourself. But failing that, it’s likely fittings need replacement.

Hot water systems that are leaking can be difficult to repair. A licensed Darwin or Adelaide plumber is the best bet to advise of the course of action you should take, if you notice any leaks.

Water is leaking from your hot water system

A leaking hot water system is a clear and important sign that it requires servicing or even replacement.

Leaks are often a result of a faulty inlet or outlet on the water system. They can also be from a split on the tank itself.

When you notice your water system leaking it’s important to have it looked at straight away. Slow leaking water can quickly turn into a burst and not having it looked at quickly can increase the risk of damages to your home from an urgent gush of water from it.

Brown or coloured water is coming out of your pipes

Corrosion or rust inside the tank can be a tell tale sign that the hot water service is at the end of it’s life.

The rust inside the tank also poses a threat, as it travels down your pipes to your drinking water. Unfortunately corrosion and rust build up in the hot water tank is just something that happens with time. When it occurs the system will need replacing.

If you are unsure if your hot water system needs servicing, repairing or replacing. Our team at Pett Plumbing and Gas can provide advice on the best course of action for any issues you have with hot water in Darwin or Adelaide.

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