How to save money on a plumbers 'call out'

First things, first

If you have a leak, it’s a good idea to call a plumber immediately. You don’t want to risk damages to cabinetry, flooring or worst case scenario – leave a leak long enough to cause structural damage.

If not looked at quickly, repair costs for these can run into the thousands. Not to mention the additional costs you’ll face as a result of higher water bills.

Leaks almost always get worse over time, so fixing them early will save you a lot vs letting them turn into costly major repairs.

How to avoid a call out fee in an emergency

If you’re unlucky enough to have an urgent leak or burst that occurs over a weekend, chances are you’ll be up for a costly bill for an emergency after hours Darwin or Adelaide plumber.

Plumbers enjoy having weekends too, so it’s not uncommon for their rates to be more than usual outside of business hours.

There are a few things you can do yourself to keep the costs down and yourself out of trouble until the week begins again.

Stopping a leak yourself and waiting to engage a plumber with no call out fee within business hours, like Pett Plumbing and Gas Darwin or Adelaide is a great idea if you know how.

The first thing you can do is isolate or stop the water supply yourself. This will stop the water from flowing out of the area that has broken or burst, preventing further damages and water wastage.

You can isolate the water supply at your water meter, which is at the front left or right hand side of most properties. The shut off valve for the water meter is what you are looking for, it’s located where the water supply meets your houses plumbing lines.

If you are renting a property, your property manager may have shown this location to you when you moved in, should you need it in an emergency.

If you have trouble finding it, it can sometimes be buried beneath foliage if it’s surrounded by garden beds.

If you reside in a group of units or an apartment complex, water isolation valves can sometimes be in a ceiling space, below a sink or even in the laundry.

When you find it, switch it off and only use the water as you need to.

Save money by reducing plumber's visits

When you engage a Darwin or Adelaide plumber to look at your issues, have them take a quick look over your property whilst they are there to check everything else is working as it should.

Your bill can be approximately 25% lower if you have all of your plumbing issues attended to in the same visit vs having them fixed in separate call outs.

Keep drains clear

Our number 1 tip to save on a call out fee for your drains is – prevention! Keep a close eye on what goes down them.

The most common causes of blockages we see in Darwin and Adelaide are hair, grease and fat poured down the drains. Pour them into the garden instead or dispose of them into your rubbish bin.

As tempting as it may seem to use off the shelf drain cleaners, like draino. Avoid these at all costs. These substances eat away at rubber, like the seals around sink entrances. Drain cleaners like these can also have chemical reactions with the waste that’s clogging your drain. This can thin and further damage pipes.

Another cause of blockages is tree roots. If you know where your drainage design runs at your property. Avoid planting deep root trees close to these and opt for smaller bushes with shallow root systems.

Fix drips yourself

You can fix some leaks yourself, without risking your insurance cover by not using a licensed plumber for plumbing repairs or alterations.

The smallest of drips can turn into large costs on your water bill, if left for long periods of time.

Thankfully, you can do a few things yourself to fix them before needing the help of a licensed Darwin or Adelaide plumber.

Tightening threaded joints can be the first step to stopping a leak to a tap. When tightening any threaded joints, be sure not to over tighten.

A great rule to follow is to tighten as much as you can with your fingers, then give it one quarter turn afterwards. Over tightening threaded joints can only lead to more leaks down the track.

If you are ever in doubt or need the help of a licensed and insured Darwin or Adelaide plumber, you can call us or send us a message for free advice.

We’ll happily give you the information you need for the next and best course of action for all of your plumbing repairs.

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