DIY Hot Water Repairs to try in Adelaide. To get you out of trouble, fast.

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Hot water repairs that happen in Adelaide, can sneak up on you, especially if you weren't expecting them.

Hot water is so vital, especially in the colder months.

If your hot water system is starting to play up, like making strange sounds, overheating or not performing as it usually should, it’s important not to allow it to run any longer.

Hot water repairs can quickly become serious if you don’t shut your hot water system down when it starts under-performing.

Doing hot water system repairs yourself is dangerous and you could also risk your insurance cover if not done by a licensed plumber.

However, there are some small fixes you can do yourself to get you out of trouble before a licensed plumber like us, Pett Plumbing and Gas Adelaide arrives.

Why hot water repairs should be taken seriously

If you suspect something is up with your hot water system you should contact a plumber as soon as possible.

The risk of leaving your faulty hot water system unattended could be a burst, flood in your house, a dangerous gas leak or an electrical fire.

Here are the 4 things you can do yourself to get you out of trouble before we or any other licensed Adelaide plumber arrives:

1. Turn off your water supply

If your hot water system is leaking, the unit will continue refilling itself and won’t stop until you turn the water supply off.

This is because it thinks the water exiting is being used out of fixtures such as the shower and taps.

By turning off the water supply you will stop the tank re-filling itself and wasting water. As well as making the leak any worse.

You will find a valve or tap next to your system that you can turn to switch the water supply off.

2. Turn power off at hot water unit

You don’t want to risk your hot water system burning out completely if there is an electrical problem that is occurring inside the unit.

Also, if you suspect an electrical fault, smell burning or hear strange sounds it’s important to take action immediately.

It’s not unheard of for hot water units in Adelaide, to catch on fire if faulty.

To turn your hot water system off at the unit, there should be a switch located next to the system.

3. Turn power off at switch board

In addition to the above step or if you can’t find a switch directly at the unit itself to switch off.

We strongly recommend turning the power off to your hot water system at the switch board.

In Adelaide, your electrical switch board is usually located at the front of the house, but can sometimes be down the side or out the back.

4. Turn off gas supply

If you have a gas hot water unit that is in need of repair or has broken or has a gas leak, it’s important to stop the gas supply to it.

Gas is a dangerous substance, so if you smell or hear gas leaking from your unit, switch the gas supply off next to the unit itself or turn the gas off at your meter to stop the gas supply to your whole house.

Who are Pett Plumbing and Gas Adelaide?

We like to consider ourselves industry experts when it comes to hot water repairs and hot water installations in the Adelaide region.

We work with all types of water heating systems, from gas, electric, instantaneous to solar.

We have a team of hot water repair experts and plumbers that service the Adelaide region, including Unley, Morphett Vale, Semaphore, Morphettville and Henley Beach.

We even travel as far south as Victor Habour and as far north as Port Wakefield.

Our reliable and licensed Adelaide plumbers are available 24/7 and warrant their labour with a limited lifetime labour guarantee.

For a trusted and reliable service, we are always available to call. Call our Adelaide plumbers today for urgent assistance.

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