7 Extra measures to safely deliver our plumbing services (COVID-19)

As we experience the evolvement of respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) coronavirus (COVID-19), we have put the following measures in place to manage or reduce any risks arising to the delivery of our Darwin plumbing services.

We still have limited information about the virus and whether it stays alive and can be transmitted in water, sewerage or drainage systems.

As our customers health is a number 1 priority to us, we have put in place the following measures to continue offering a safe and efficient Darwin plumbing service in our customers houses during this time.

Our additional precautions

  • We will not be shaking hands with clients, please don't take offense, health and safety is priority

  • As we have limited information about the virus as it emerges. Including whether it stays alive in water, sewerage or sanitary systems. We have put in place extra WHS standards and precautions when dealing with drains and waste matter

  • Please be rest assured that none of our customers have travelled internationally over recent time

  • We have increased hand sanitation (from what was already a high standard due to our trade, to now higher measures and frequency)

  • If you are requiring a quote, please don't be deterred. We are able to quote remotely if you are in isolation

  • Any staff who display illness, including fever or cough will be isolated from the workplace

  • Upon booking appointments we will be asking customers if they are currently in isolation / quarantine, have traveled overseas recently or are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms. If they advise yes, we have additional plans we will discuss to protect them and any potential spread of virus, based on their individual circumstances

We are paying close attention to updates from the Department of Health and Ministers regarding Coronavirus and will continue updating our policies to adapt and keep our customers as safe as we possibly can.

Thanks again for working with us!

We look forward to continuing to offer our 24/7 Darwin plumbing services during this time.

Stay well, Kieran

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