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We're experts in Adelaide hot water repairs. We repair and install all styles of hot water systems, including:

  • Gas hot water

  • Electric hot water

  • Solar hot water


Don’t wait for a plumbing catastrophe to happen before fixing small issues with your hot water system.


More often than not, major hot water issues can be caught early before you need to replace your whole system.


Systems that aren't running smoothly, also use more energy, increasing power usage. 


Keep your power costs down and hot water functioning at its optimum by having your hot water system checked and serviced regularly.

Repair Now and Pay Later with Interest Free*

Adelaide Hot Water Payment Plans

We offer no deposit payment plans over 18 months.


You can pay off your new hot water installation over this period or before and incur absolutely no interest. 

Find out if you're eligible and how to apply on our Interest Free* Payment Plan page. There is also a link to a repayment calculator, so you can determine a budget to suit your own repayment needs.

Signs your Hot Water System may be failing

·       Rusty water

·       Water pooling around the water tank

·       Rumbling or noises are heard

·       Fast stream of water leaking

·       You have no hot water

·       No water or low flow from the tap


If your hot water system is in a location that may cause damage to your home if it leaks. Chat to us live via our chat bar or contact one of our licensed Adelaide plumber to repair or replace your hot water system today.

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How often should my Hot Water be serviced?

Like cars, hot water systems don't last forever if not looked after and serviced regularly.

Most hot water heater manufacturers recommend hot water systems are serviced. Often every 5 years. However this is often over looked by home owners.

If you're unsure if your hot water system is due for a service or if it isn't performing as it should, contact us today.