Leak Detection and Emergency Gas Repairs in Darwin

If you suspect a gas or water leak in your home or workplace, it's important to contact an emergency gas fitter or plumber to attend to it as soon as possible.​

​At Pett Plumbing and Gas Darwin, our team consists of both licensed gas fitters and Darwin plumbers.

Speak to Darwin’s gas leak detection professionals

A gas leak may be noticed by smell, around appliances, outside (from underground gas pipes) or in areas where gas is often used. Due to a breeze or the weather, gas leak detection outside can be hard in our Darwin climate. Another tell-tale method of gas leak detection is to look for dead patches of lawn or unhealthy-looking plants near the area in question.

​Faulty, poorly maintained or badly fitted gas pipes around appliances or gas storage cylinders, are often the cause of gas leaks.

Gas leaks can be dangerous when gas becomes trapped in confined spaces. A build-up of gas that isn’t able to escape, can be harmful to people. When mixed with an open flame, gas leaks can be catastrophic, resulting in an explosion or fire.

​Because gas isn’t visible to the eye, and the extent of the risk unknown – it’s important to seek professional help in detection as soon as a gas leak is suspected.

​After calling a licensed gas fitter to attend your property, we recommend:

·         turning off all appliances

·         turning off your bottle (our Darwin plumbers can talk you through this over the phone)

·         opening all doors and windows for ventilation

·         not to operate electrical equipment close to a gas leak

·         not to smoke, use a lighter or ignite an open flame inside or whilst on the property

Don’t delay, call the leak detection experts today

As fully licensed Darwin gas fitters and plumbers, Pett Plumbing and Gas identify and fix all gas and water leaks promptly. Our leak detection technology will ensure you are back in your home or workplace safely before too long. Contact us today to investigate any suspected gas or water leaks.

​If you are in need of a Darwin plumber or gas fitter - contact us today on 0459 266 377.