Licensed gas fitters & gas plumbers

Did you know? Most gas fitters are plumbers, but not all plumbers are gas fitters.


When working with such a high risk substance, it's always important to use a licensed gas fitter or gas plumber to complete work on stoves, cookers, gas lines, BBQs, heaters and even hot water units.


You don't want to risk your own safety, the safety of your family or your property's insurance cover.

We're proud to have two small local plumbing teams in both Darwin and Adelaide.

Our teams a highly skilled, trained and most importantly licensed, to carry out all gas repairs and new installations.


Gas Installations, Repairs and Leaks

Our teams of local licensed gas fitters in both Darwin and Adelaide, are experts in new gas installation, gas repairs and maintenance.


We're committed to providing gas fitting solutions that last our customers the long haul.


You can rest easy knowing all of our work is compliant to the gas codes and gas safety regulations.

Whether you are looking to replace a gas cooking appliance, service your gas hot water system or find a gas leak, we'll have you sorted in no time.


Some of our gas fitting services include:


  • New gas appliance installation

  • Gas appliance troubleshooting and repairs

  • Gas leak detection

  • Gas line testing

  • New gas line installation

  • Gas cooking, heating and water

Flexible Payment Options for Gas Installations

Payment Plans over 18 months


We offer $0 deposit, 18 months interest free* payment plan options for new gas installations and major repairs, if you don't want to pay upfront.


You could be cooking or heating with gas sooner. You'll find information on our Interest Free* page on eligibility criteria and how to apply. There is also a link to a payment calculator, so you can work out a plan to suit your budget.

Signs you may have a gas leak

  • An odd smell, like rotten eggs. Funnily enough, gas has no smell or colour. Manufactors have added the smell (which is described as a lot like rotten eggs) so gas leaks can be found quickly, due to the danger if the substance leaks. A foul smell can be the first tell tale sign you have a leak.

  • Gas cooker's flames are discoloured. You can count on gas to fuel a number of different appliances around your home. Sometimes powering cooking appliances, water heaters and fireplaces at the same time. A pilot light flame with the correct gas-to-air ratio should be a vibrant blue in colour. If your flame is yellow or orange there's a possibility you have a leak.