Leaking Taps and Dripping Tap Repairs - Darwin, Palmerston NT

Drips and leaking taps can cause major irritation. Not to mention higher water bills and potentially damage to other plumbing.

A leaking tap normally occurs from a damaged o-ring, washer or jumper valve. These parts normally involve the tap to be disassembled.

Dismantling a tap and putting it back together may seem like an easy DIY. However, it is common for somebody who is inexperienced to damage the tap or fixtures, if not carried out correctly by a licensed Darwin plumber.

The longer you leave a dripping tap, the worse it will become – so it’s best to catch it early. To save further damage, it's best to have a professional and certified plumber attend to a leak as soon as possible.


At Pett Plumbing and Gas Darwin we fix leaks efficiently, saving you costs on plumbing labour. Our service is offered in Darwin, Palmerston and surrounds. We also back our Darwin plumbing labour by a limited lifetime labour guarantee.


If you have a leaking tap, contact us today for a free quote.