Blocked Drains - Darwin, Palmerston NT

Drains and properly designed drainage systems are an important part of any home. Not only are blockages a nuisance, they can be a plumbing catastrophe when left untreated.

Blocked drains should be attended to by a licensed Darwin plumber, as soon as possible, to help avoid extra costs and damage. A problem could escalate to more serious plumbing leaks, overflows and damage and can even damage pipes that weren’t affected in the first place.

Signs of a block drain can include:

  • slow to no drainage

  • gurgling noises in your pipes

  • foul odours coming from your drains

  • toilet water levels too high or too low.


There are many plumbing DIY videos around to help with unblocking drains. Online solutions might seem easy, but be mindful of often-overlooked safety and hygiene hazards that come with dealing with drain fluids and gases. 


The safest way to unblock a drain is to contact a licensed Darwin plumber. Pett Plumbing and Gas Darwin are plumbing specialists, and we have the right tools and technology to quickly clear blocked drains and have them running freely before other issues arise.

We service all areas of the Darwin region. Our team of highly skilled Darwin plumbers can fix any drainage issue. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote.