Licensed Backflow Prevention Plumbing - Darwin, Palmerston NT

Protecting drinking water from contamination



What is backflow?

Backflow is the unwanted reverse flow of water from a premises that is at risk of flowing back into Power and Water’s potable water supply.


The Power and Water systems (water meters) that feed a property’s water supply are pressurised and if the pressure drops it can cause water to flow in the reverse direction. This is called backflow and has the potential to contaminate water supply.



How to prevent backflow


Installing a backflow prevention device is a requirement under National Plumbing Code AS3500, of which compliance is applied by Power and Water.


Only licensed Darwin plumber's who are qualified in Backflow Prevention can determine what risk a property is for backflow prevention and can recommend and install a suitable device as required by Power and Water.

Pett Plumbing and Gas are one of the small number of Darwin plumbers with a license to undertake, assess, install and test on Backflow Prevention.


Backflow prevention devices installed to protect at risk properties need to be tested and reported on annually.



What do I need to do?

Contact Pett Plumbing and Gas to determine and assess the “Hazard Level” of your property. We undertake backflow prevention to properties in Darwin, Palmerston and surrounding suburbs.


Properties identified as being a “High” or “Medium” hazard level must have an approved “backflow prevention device” (BPD) installed after the water meter (on your side of the meter).


If your premise has a "Low" hazard rating then it is likely that no further action will be required. However a non-testable dual check valve may still be required if deemed necessary after an assessment report undertaken by our Darwin plumbers.

Our plumbers will then advise of backflow issues and recommendations, including a free quote to have a suitable backflow prevention device installed.

If you are happy with our quote and it is approved, we will seek approval from the Power and Water Services Development Section prior to the installation of the backflow device.


Once the device is approved for installation, we will arrange a time for it to be installed and tested by us at your property.


Power and Water maintains a register of all testable devices installed at the property boundary; customers will be advised in writing when a device is due for its annual test. We can test the device annually for you, providing adequate reports to Power and Water as required.

Contact us today about your property's backflow prevention requirements.